We recently launched a one-stop-shop programming, hosting and tabulation service for online surveys. We have been a successful statistical modelling partner on survey research projects over many years and this new service enables our clients to have a more joined up approach on their projects. Using one supplier for stats and fieldwork has many advantages for the research project team managing the project:

  • Fewer points of contact / fewer people to brief
  • Reduced scope for misunderstandings and miscommunications
  • Reduced time spent managing and coordinating suppliers
  • Faster project turnaround and quickly able to generate interim analysis when needed
  • No unexpected charges (e.g. for interim exports)
  • More realistic budget / time expectations based on single supplier oversight
  • Seamless customer service throughout

To demonstrate our advanced survey programming techniques complete with complex routing and filtering options, we have provided a preview in the following link.

Survey Preview


Our hosting service includes, though is not exclusive to, surveys with complex choice based models including MaxDiffs, Best-Worst Case 2’s, Choice-based Conjoints as well as more
complex trade-offs.

Our interactive dashboards provide instant access to click-through and participation rates in order to demonstrate how a survey is performing, as well as get to the heart of the data efficiently and simply.

If you would like any further information, please do get in contact with us.