We undertook a full membership survey and segmentation of the membership of the Kent Archaeological Society (KAS) in June 2020 which was published in KAS Magazine early in 2021. The survey of 350 members covered just under half of the membership and provided invaluable information on:

  • Profile of current membership
  • Current interests and levels of activism
  • Current use of resources and expectations
  • The future of the society
  • Priorities for investment


We also developed a two-dimensional segmentation, using Latent Class Analysis, dividing the membership into four groups based on their current levels of activism (low vs high) and whether they were practically oriented, vs academically oriented. The research has a major input into the KAS planning process.

Our article, written by Gary Bennett, highlighting the results of the survey can be found here KAS Survey Article.

The survey was undertaken on our Decipher platform, with tabulations produced in Merlin. A test link demonstrating the original survey can be found here.