When presenting your offerings to potential clients, it is easy to fall down the trap of displaying the most eye-catching product or the most memorable. The ABC school of advertising looks at a variety of different ways to entice a client to buy, such as emotional appeal, promotions, endorsements and even complementing your customers.

But what happens when your advertisement doesn’t hit the mark and in fact turns people off.

When it comes to Market Research services, it is sometimes difficult to find a tempting lure due to the “dry” subject of statistics. Our aim at the Stats People is to make statistics more appealing, more interesting and overall memorable.

We have designed a number of excel deliverables over the past few years which do just that. They are interactive, easy to use and display data in a way that makes the subject definitely more engaging.

Our deliverables range from segmentation simulators, option pricing and typing tools to dashboards and online interactive graphics. In providing high quality interactive tools in excel we can summarise models and run for different what-if scenarios. We often customise these for specific projects and don’t believe in one size fits all.

Afterall, a good looking, smoothly functioning and user-friendly deliverable is as important as having a good underlying model. We like to tick both boxes.

But I think we will pass on the hot dog.