Ad-hoc Projects

Consulting and supporting
Survey Research project teams
is our speciality.

The accumulation of many years of practical consulting experience has meant we are experts in statistical and methodological survey research, combining common sense and honest advice.

Our experience crosses all industry sectors from FMCG, through to B2B. A selection of sectors we have worked in include Retail, Utilities, Financial Services, IT, Telecommunications, Media, Gaming, Transport and Travel, Politics, Public Sector, Pharma, medical devices, Oil and Gas, Corporate Services, Micro-business market, and Pensions regulation.

We are used to dealing with all types of Audience and sample types, from big consumer samples, through to more constrained B2B samples and finite specialist audiences such as MP’s, Specialist Physicians, and other small specialist and opinion leader audiences. All of the methods we use are adaptable to each situation. Many of our studies are multi-country, requiring models which reflect market diversity whilst retaining an overall framework.

We can advise on what approach best suits a particular situation, given the practical constraints of sample size, interview length, budget, and timing and context. Our diverse Statistical Toolkit ensures each method is tailored to provide the most practical solution.

Please contact us for further information.

Case Studies

Key Factors

  • Cutting edge and up-to-date statistical toolkit
  • The know-how of what models to apply and when
  • Blended solutions tailored to your brief
  • Discussion, advice and support throughout the project
  • No pigeon-holes / black boxes / button pushing!

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