Sankey Graphs


Sankey Graphs demonstrate the relationship and flow between different elements or variables

Sankey Graphs depict flow of data from one set of variables to another, with the width of the flow dependent on the quantity between each variable, or node.

Sankeys are a visualisation tool best used to show a many-to-many mapping between two variables or multiple paths through a set of stages. Flow lines can either split or combine together along their paths at each stage of a process and can highlight dominant movement in data. Different categories or transitions from one variable to another can be demonstrated using colour.

A sankey graph, specific to your client’s data, is a new service offering from the The Stats People. Each graph can be manipulated by you, via our website. We will provide you with a secure login and password to access a private page, showing only your graph.

Below shows an example of the types of homeowners by each age range. In picking up a particular node we can move it either up or down or towards the centre of the graph to rearrange into common categories. In addition, by hovering over each flow, the data behind it appears.

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