Survey Research Reviews

The fundamentals of sampling and
weighting need to be right,
especially when a lot rides on the results.

We are trusted reviewers for Public Sector and Published Research.

As experienced advisors of survey research methodology, we are often commissioned to write reports reviewing Sampling and Weighting Methodology. This area of work has included multiple reports for Transport Focus (in partnership with Roberts-Miller Associates) reviewing National Rail and Bus Passenger surveys; reviews of large-scale tracking and customer satisfaction surveys for NGOs, Government Departments and Regulators and reviews of polling methodology for political pollsters.

Our Managing Director, Gary Bennett, has a great deal of experience in this area, having managed continuous surveys with complex sampling and weighting from early in his career. He is well versed in both the theoretical and practical trade-offs that are made in order to deliver a survey that works, on time and on-budget.

The competing demands placed on complex tracking surveys mean that compromises need to be well judged in order to ensure the survey produces credible, reliable, consistent and unbiased estimates for its users. The trade-offs that need to be made between coverage of the sampling frame, weighting efficiency, delivering minimum base sizes, reporting at different levels and maintaining a consistent trend often pull the survey design in different directions.

Gary’s background as a project director in leading Research Agencies means that he has excellent written English skills enabling him to communicate the key points of reviews in an active and engaging manner.

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Case Studies include

Several sampling and methodological reviews for Transport Focus (in partnership with Roberts-Miller Associates).
In doing so, we have reviewed the National Rail Passenger Survey, the Bus Passenger Survey and various ad-hoc Bus Surveys run at local level.

Reviews of the sampling and weighting approach for a large number of tracking studies for two major government departments and a number of other government agencies.

A review of the sampling and weighting approach for a survey of recent mothers.

A review of the sampling and weighting for a large tracking survey focused on graduates and their experiences after university.

Key Factors

  • Thorough appraisal based on 25+ years experience of complex sampling / weighting
  • High quality written reports with tables
  • Sensitive to the practicalities and need to maintain trends

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