Our team has many years of practical, real-world experience in reviewing and designing sampling and weighting processes and a solid theoretical background in the field. We regularly consult on the sampling and weighting of complex national statistic surveys and Acceptance Sampling schemes for quality and compliance control and sample power analysis for clinical trials.

Our consulting, design and implementation experience, summarised:

Reviews and Audits

We are regularly hired to review and audit the sampling, weighting and general methodological designs of large-scale tracking studies for central government, regulators, the private sector and leading market research agencies.

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Ongoing Consultancy

We take on the role of statistical and methodological adviser to large public sector bodies, working directly as a bridge with their research agencies and sitting on tender boards as a technical adviser.

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Lead Survey Methodologist

We regularly partner with large market research agencies, acting as technical advisers and statisticians in both the sales and implementation phases.

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Additional Statistical Resource

We are often asked to fill gaps in the resourcing of in-house statisticians and methodologists by leading agencies in the complex survey field. The work involves scripting and implementing complex sampling and weighting processes.

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Acceptance Sampling and Quality Control

We consult on other sampling-related work, such as sampling for quality control and inspection.

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Development of specialist tools and procedures

We have developed several Excel-based tools for performing significance testing on samples, evaluating sample power, and setting appropriate sample sizes for clinical research.

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