Statistical Consulting

We are the ‘go-to’ partner for high-quality statistical consulting and analysis. When research objectives become complex, and clients need pragmatic solutions, they come to us for advice and thoughtful discussion.

We combine expertise in statistical methods with years of practical experience in survey research and data processing. We have a reputation for being able to handle complexity but aim to provide the simplest possible solutions and outputs which demystify statistical data for clients. Statistics should not be seen as intimidating.

Our clients trust us as a reliable partner and safe pair of hands to deliver a high standard of customer service and project management. Having a responsive, communicative, reliable, and flexible technical partner is essential to the smooth running of a project.

Choice modelling

Choice modelling, sometimes called “conjoint analysis”, is a scientific method used to model real-world decision-maker purchasing behaviour and predict an individual’s probability of choosing among different outcomes.

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Data simplification

We help you summarise complex data via our data simplification tools – to reduce data noise, we create a few clear variables that tell the story or identify redundant variables that add no value.

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Drivers modelling

The Drivers Modelling methodology helps us understand which factors drive and influence an outcome of interest.

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Visualisation techniques can reveal patterns, trends and connections in data that would be very difficult to spot otherwise. We provide a range of visualisation services to help you see more in your data.

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Understanding differences in your audience is key to meeting your strategic goals. Every audience has diverse options and experiences, and a “one-size-fits-all” approach is rarely appropriate.

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