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Visualisation techniques can reveal patterns, trends and connections in data that would be very difficult to spot otherwise.

We provide a range of visualisation services to help you see more in your data: 

  • Brand Maps and Biplots 

Great for turning large tables of brand associations with attributes into two-dimensional pictures which approximate the relationship. These 2D maps group brands according to attributes that they are strong or weak on and attributes according to the similarities in their association with brands. The main value comes from the proximity of the brands to the attributes on the picture. It shows how different parts of the market space are occupied by different brands and also highlights vacant areas that can be occupied. It is often used in conjunction with the Key Drivers Analysis to give a full snapshot of the market and what drives reputation.

  • Multi-dimensional scaling

Used for representing the distances between items or ratings on a questionnaire in a two-dimensional map. We have used this to represent relationships between different types of management style in organisations or to visually represent items which have been clustered together into groups.

  • Interactive dashboards

From simple Excel reports to more sophisticated interactive dashboards, we have a solution for every budget and technical requirement. Dashboards provide a user-friendly way of interrogating key outcomes and trends using common desktop software.

  • Infographics and Presentations

Translating data into beautiful visuals brings it to life and engages the reader. We will help you select the right types of visualisations for your project.  

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