Survey research is at the core of our business and for those looking for a one-stop-shop we provide the whole package.

Survey research summarised:


  • We provide high quality online survey hosting and management facilities using the Decipher survey platform
  • We can advise on the best question formats and create smooth, flowing and professional looking online survey design
  • We provide a full-service including translation overlays, programming of complex trade-offs for choice models such as DCMs and MaxDiff
  • Our eye for the little details ensures we provide an optimal hosting experience for respondents as well as clients


  • We offer a high-quality tables-spec writing and data tabulations service using the full features of the industry-leading Merlin platform
  • Tables should be easy to use but also friendly to the eye and professional looking. Our tables are tailored to clients’ branding with attention paid to the little details that make life easier for the user
  • We make good use of Merlin’s statistical capabilities, such as statistical significance tests, composites, net scores, summary tables and formatting options

Design and Management

  • 30+ year experience in the survey research industry in director level roles means we can provide a one-stop-shop design and project management service for clients looking for statistical modelling, design, programming hosting and project management in one place

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