Toiletries, Hygiene & Baby-care Products: Segmentations and Models

We have worked on numerous segmentations supporting our agency partner, as an additional team member for a global group in the toiletries, hygiene and baby-care market. The topics of these studies have been as varied as:

* Baby care products
* Attitudes to personal hygiene and product used
* Toilet Tissue
* Hand wash and dish-washing preparations
* Couponing in retailer outlets


In many of these studies, we have been a key team member, participating in debrief face-to-face meetings with senior decision makers, both in the UK and US. Our work involved developing multiple segmentation models and tools to predict segment membership for new cases (for use in follow-up research). In every case, the goal was to create typologies for potential customers which could aid the marketing strategy and provide insight regarding “high value” market segments. The work on these projects was particularly challenging, given the wide variety of local markets (sometimes 15+) and we needed to ensure the typologies captured genuine differences rather than differences in how the survey was administered across markets.

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