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John Speight Software Developer

John originally trained as a Biochemist, but after many years programming and building computers for a hobby, John launched into working in this field in 1995.

Coding mainly in C, C++, Java and shell-scripting under Windows and Linux, John also works with various databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Sybase) and web-based technologies such as HTML, Javascript, AJAX and Tomcat.

He is currently working with the team on coding new progamming facilities within our CORExpress software, to increase the capabilities of modelling CCR projects.

John loves to travel, visiting some of the more inaccessible parts of the world. He is currently renovating his house in Spain.

The Stats People Team

Our team is made up of a core of five, working together with our additional support team on complex projects or cutting edge development.

Gary Bennett Managing Director and Founder

Gary continually drives the business forward with his pragmatic approach whilst being highly skilled in this specialist area.

Jack O’Donnell Senior Analyst

Jack is an invaluable team member involved with every aspect of project work and is quick to appreciate project requirements. He ensures our modelling and consultancy work enhances insight in addition to meeting client objectives.

Hon-Kit Choy Software Development and Production Manager

Hon-kit makes sure that all processes and outputs of project work is as efficient as possible. Being a whiz at programming he continually develops code to drive the team into new ways of working.

Sarah Venables Operations Manager

Sarah keeps the company administration cogs turning and helps the business run smoothly. She also loves getting involved with Excel and Interactive Graphs.

Peter Bartholomew Excel Developer

Peter has been instrumental in developing beautiful, intuitive and interactive models to compliment our robust statistics.

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