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Significance Testing & Confidence Interval Toolkit

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Author: Sarah Venables

At the Stats People we always try to dream up new ways of making statistical techniques understandable and accessible.

To this end, we have designed an Excel-based directory of statistical tools for Significance Testing and Confidence Intervals, for both proportion and mean based statistics estimated from samples.

Our simple to use tool cover most of the common scenarios encountered by market researchers, both within sample and across subgroups.

Although it details the maths behind each test, a straightforward user interface captures the data and provides a result. Confidence Intervals and Critical Values can be set at 90%, 95% and 99%. The outcome is colour coded to highlight if significance has been achieved.

For confidence intervals, a scaled bar highlights the range within the confidence interval.

A download of the Testing Tool Version 1.2 can be accessed here. This file can only be run in Excel for Windows.

Email us at to receive “Significance Testing & Confidence Interval Tool”

For Office 2007 users, please email us at to receive “Significance Testing & Confidence Interval Tool for Office 2007”

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