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Statistical Significance Batch-Testing Tool for Multiple Items 

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Author: Sarah Venables

There are several statistical tests that can provide insight into the significance between data sets and our original testing tool could only compare up to two items.

The version available for download below has been developed to enable comparison of multiple items or columns of data simultaneously. The tool has an easy to use interface in Excel.  Significance at selected confidence levels is provided between the data items (yes/no). By pressing the toggle button, the p value for a pair of items is displayed.

A Bonferroni correction has been added to each test to reduce the chances of obtaining false-positive results which could occur when multiple pair wise tests are performed on a single set of data.

We have also incorporated the two-way Chi-Squared test of independence between two categorical measures.

A download of the Testing Tool Version 2 can be accessed here. This file can only be run in Excel for Windows. Should you have any difficulties with the download zip file, please do email us and we will send you an alternative directly.

Email us at to receive “Statistical Significance Batch-Testing Tool for Multiple Items“.

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