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Statistical Significance Batch-Testing Tool for Multiple Items Author - Sarah Venables

An interactive statistical batch testing tool, free to download from The Stats People.

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A pragmatic guide to Key Drivers Analysis – How to have your cake and eat it Author - Gary Bennett

One of the slightly confusing aspects of Key Drivers Analysis for researchers is the variety of alternative methodologies. The pros and cons of the approaches are often poorly communicated. The choice of method often comes down to the preferences of a particular Analyst and/or the Researcher’s familiarity with outputs…

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Significance Testing – Common Misconceptions Clarified Author - Gary Bennett

A deeper look into what significance testing really means and some of the pitfalls you can come across along the way.

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Developing a Typing Tool for MaxDiff Segmentations Author - Gary Bennett

In this presentation, we describe a new approach on how to develop a MaxDiff typing tool and use real data to illustrate our approach. Marketers often find it valuable to include a relatively small number of “Golden Questions” in future surveys, to classify respondents into identified segments with different needs.

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Making Key Drivers Models Robust Author - Gary Bennett

At The Stats People, we are against black boxes that require users to place all their faith in scientific looking numeric outputs, which say nothing about how reliable these estimates would be across different samples or on new cases. For some time now, we have been advocating the use..

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Choice Modelling – A New Approach to Dual Response Author - Gary Bennett

In preparing for a conference paper, we realised that the choice community as a whole has adopted an unrealistic method for dealing with the “No Buy” option in Choice models when asked as a second question after a “forced” choice between the alternatives. This is known as the “Dual..

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The Curse of Overfitting Author - Gary Bennett

As researchers, we are often overly-focussed on our samples and our data sets. It’s natural, as they are our only reference point. It is easy to forget that with even the best designed samples, all we can hope to get is a reasonable estimate of “the truth”, for example..

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Making Statistics More Appealing Author - Sarah Venables

When presenting your offerings to potential clients, it is easy to fall down the trap of displaying the most eye-catching product or the most memorable. The ABC school of advertising looks at a variety of different ways to entice a client to buy, such as emotional appeal, promotions, endorsements..

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An Example Of Our Survey Capabilities Author - Sarah Venables

We recently launched a one-stop-shop programming, hosting and tabulation service for online surveys. We have been a successful statistical modelling partner on survey research projects over many years and this new service enables our clients to have a more joined up approach on their projects. Using one supplier for stats and..

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Best-Worst Case 2 Author - Gary Bennett

Best Worst Case two (BWC2) models continue to experience huge growth. In this article we highlight the advantages of the approach and present our tailor-made simulators.

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Choice Models Update: More Flexible and Accurate “No buy” Option Author - Gary Bennett

The method used to simulate the “buy vs no buy” decision is an important part of any choice model. Our new approach and simulator enables the implementation of a fully flexible “no buy” option.

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